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Chopstick dippers.


I have had the pleasure of working with the Westhaven Afterschool program these last few months creating fun snacks.

We’ve done quesadillas, personal pizzas with veggies and fresh herbs, fruit parfaits and snack mix.  Yesterday was my last session with the kids this school year and we made Chopstick Dippers.  Everyone got a pair of chopsticks; one for a fruit kebob with cinnamon yogurt dip and one for a “sandwich” kebob with veggies, turkey and cheese with zesty Italian Dressing to dip.
We had an absolute blast and this is really due to the kids.  I have yet to meet a group of (almost 20!) kids ranging from kindegarten to middle school that are more open, welcoming or downright sweet as the kids I have met here at Westhaven.  They’re always asking to help out, try new foods or give a hug and without such great kids: there would be no way to bridge such an age range.   I’m so happy to have met these new friends and can’t wait for next school year.
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