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Blueberry cake…and our first student made video!


After the dramatically-endearing sobbing ended (pretty adorable, went on for about 6 minutes) when we told the class that Chef Courtenay was out sick for yesterday’s class with our friends at The Boys and Girls Club, Alicia and I were able to soften the blow with the announcement that we would be baking a cake.  It didn’t fully get them over her absence, but it offered a nice distraction to have the next best thing: one of her delicious desert recipes.

There were some initial reservations about having blueberries in a cake…but the empty cake pans an hour later spoke for themselves.  With baking time providing us with ample “downtime” we were able to make whipped cream from scratch with Alicia’s manual mixer (took us just under 13 minutes), divide the ingredients of our cake into their proper place on the MyPlate model and take our first cuts of some informative cooking videos.  We are new at it, but something tells me one day you might be seeing C on the FoodNetwork.  Check out her video below where she demonstrates how to be “scientific” and precise when measuring dry ingredients.

C teaches us how to level our dry ingredients.


Thinking the students agree with me when I say, couldn’t have been a better way to spending a rainy Wednesday afternoon.  Look for the recipe here on our website page.


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  • Another Big Fan

    What a great program–thank you, PB&J, for all you’ve done for the community and for the kids at the Club. Great post–makes me hungry and thankful all at once.

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