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Welcome to our new website…


Dear Friends,

  • 51: Cooking classes offered at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia.
  • 5,000: shelf stable meals packed in over 300 bags for Charlottesville City Schools’ elementary school students on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program before their winter break.
  • 2,262: healthy lunches provided to moms and their pre-school aged children living in Charlottesville housing communities through Children, Youth and Family Services Play Partners program.
  • 8: Market to Meal Events at Charlottesville City schools. With 1,328: dinners provided at those events.
  • 116: volunteers leveraged to make this happen:  ranging from elementary students to culinary professionals.

This is a snapshot of some of PB &J’s numbers last school year.  Numbers that only continue to grow.

Since the summer of 2009, the PB &J Fund has been working with exceptional partners in Charlottesville to bring healthful food and habits to kids.  Yet, even if you are familiar with one or a few of the partners listed above, you might not have known of our existence.  And because we were new and devoted to developing substance before a marketing plan…we were ok with that.

Whether you work for or donate to a non-profit and whether or not you stand in favor or disagreement with “marketing a cause”, it is always important to examine the integrity of philanthropic marketing endeavors.  In the realm of results driven philanthropy, it can fall into the trap of being seen as an intangible use of donor funds; yet in the business community (where said results driven philanthropists like to inform themselves) it is seen as imperative.

So, even though I’ve never used our blog to insert my own opinions on topics such as these, I would love to take a brief moment to say a word about our endeavors to get the word out about our programs, and why we would choose to do it at all.

The way I see it: integrity to the mission should be the first thing on a non-profit’s check list before making any organizational decision.  And in some cases that integrity can only be upheld if you begin to talk about your work.   There is integrity in making known that you are available to people who could use your services.  Integrity in making known that the partners you have had the privilege to work with are there and are doing great work.  And in our case, integrity in making known what recipe with zucchini might actually work with your 13 year old.

In other words, integrity in our mission would actually mean beginning to talk about what we do each day.

So here we are: putting in place a way for you to learn more about us.  I can safely say, we are alright with finding our voice through a website that explains our programs, a twitter account that alerts you of a creative way to make a healthy lunch for your preschooler under $1 a serving, and a Facebook account that will let you watch a video on how to mince garlic by a 6th grader at the Boys and Girls Club.

In short: we sincerely look forward to you “liking” and “following us” both in person and online and asking your friends to do the same.

Thank you for your continued support,




  • Eileen Erwin

    I am so impressed with this initiative. Educating families about nutrition is the first step in keeping families healthy and the best way to start is with children! Go PB and J!

  • Evie Safran

    Emily, We have met at Johnson School where I taught in the preschool program. I have an idea for a fundraiser/fun time for PB & J. Please contact me. My phone # is 823 1078 or email as above. Thank you, Evie

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