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Orzo Restaurant Week

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Last night I had the pleasure of eating at Orzo for The Hook’s Restaurant Week.  It was amazing…and that is an understatement.

I chose from their extensively tempting menu: the Caprese salad, chicken confit over a corn and zucchini salad and the warm chocolate chip and toasted walnut cookie with gelato.

The Caprese salad was served with what appeared to be a triangular slab of cold butter.  (But of course it was not…).  We called over our friend and Orzo founder, Ken to ask what the delicious borderline ice cream like substance was. He informed us it was a basil Semifreddo invented by Chef Bryan.  I looked down and sure enough I was tasting basil but there was not a touch of my favorite green herb to be found on the plate…the flavor was coming from the Semifreddo.



Bravo, boys.  Thanks for a great Restaurant Week experience.  Maybe we’ll have to get the Chef in Training kids in again soon to impart your wisdom on how to make a creative savory and sweet Semifreddo…




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