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Ultimate Partner Week…continued.

And so it continues: PB &J’s Ultimate Partner Week

By the close of Tuesday night, we are up to 10 partners.

Last night, we partnered with Clark Elementary’s reading night to host a Market to Meal dinner.  Students read and took home Chato’s Kitchen, a creative story about mice sharing cheese quesadillas with their new neighbor…a rather sneaky cat.  So of course, we had Chef Patrick from Hamdingers prepare delicious quesadillas for all the kids, parents and teachers to enjoy.

Cheese quesadillas with pulled chicken, mixed greens and pinto beans.

A special thank you to our Level 2 Chef in Training friends across town at The Boys and Girls Club on Cherry Avenue, who with the help of Chef Courtenay and Chef Alicia prepared ALL OF THE SALSA for the event.  It was a hit!  Parents and kids loved it and all were so excited to take home the veggies and recipes to try it for themselves at home.  THANKS TEAM!


In our market and nutritional activity, we focused on fresh ingredients the kids were learning about through the federal Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant, and portion sizes.  We did so by having the kids enter a raffle and guess how many oranges it takes to fill one serving of orange juice.  Not to give away the answer…but like Chef and RD Alicia brilliantly said:  ”You wouldn’t eat 3 whole oranges in one sitting would you?  But it sure is easy to gulp down a glass of OJ!”  What a great visual.

Then we all guessed how many servings of grains different sized tortillas contained.  Place a guess…then flip for the answer.  Some contain 4 whole servings!

Also a big thank you to the Charlottesville High School Key Club for providing awesome volunteers and The Local Food Hub and Whole Foods for making it possible to provide great products to families in our free Taste and Take Markets.





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