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Goodbye Spring…HELLO SUMMER!!

The school year is over…which means it’s time to start our first summer in The PB &J Kitchen.  And we thrilled to be underway.

Our days are filled with reorganizing after the spring…

Spring recipes completed-- check and check!

gearing up for/ starting (!) summer camps and keeping cool.

Freezing mountains of local strawberries so we can have them all year long...

Our first camp started this week, per one of our students’ suggestion and experimental week in baking is underway.  The girls just finished a three part series diving into questions like:  How are the textures of brownies different if you make them on the stove top vs baked?  How about if you add black beans?  How does angel food cake retain it’s fluffiness…while pound cake is so dense?

Seriously good smells over here as I stare out the window and contemplate how long I should wait to go grab a taste.

Done staring...angel food cake with balsamic/ honey marinated strawberries acquired...




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