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Last week’s “top 5 highlights” at The PB &J Kitchen

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1. Spending 101 smiling camper hours in the kitchen…

2. The invention of the word “Quickle”

Our 35 Keystone Produce shares scattered around downtown Charlottesville businesses received as their weekly “demonstration of how to use an item of produce in your bag this week”  DELICIOUS quick pickles.

The kids decided we frankly just have too much going on to say both words—enter:  Quickles.

3.  Making over 180 bags of summer produce at Washington Park

We love the monthly Summer Sundown events with Bama Works, Parks and Recreation and CYFS!  This past week over 180 families people passed through our Taste and Take Market with corn, tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash to take home to their families.  As always the parents and kiddos made spice packets—this week for roasted summer squash.

The calm before the storm...we were completely out of veggies by the end of the day!

4.  Deciding to put plums in a parfait

Not too much of a description needed here.  But you should try it.  NOW.

5.  Getting to work with Miss Shannon!

Shannon, who during the school year is a teacher at Monticello high school has come to help us with our rigorous camp schedule this summer.  And she is AWESOME.  Bright smile, infectious laugh and all around great fun with the kids—we are enjoying every second with her.



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