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My Summer Internship Experience at PB&J

I am so glad I have had the opportunity to work with The PB&J Fund this summer. Every Thursday, I was lucky enough to spend my day there as an intern. In the mornings, I worked with Emily and learned about the different steps it takes to operate a nonprofit organization. I completed small assigned tasks and observed how Emily runs her job. In
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TBT- Throw back to 4 moments of pure GRATITUDE this Spring…

All things are quiet at The PB &J Fund as the Spring has just come to a close.  Even with summer camps knocking on our door, I thought reflecting on some of our favorite moments these last couple of months was in order. We are so grateful for… 1.  Chef Harrison Keevil, the staggeringly talented and kind chef from Brookville, bringing fun and competition to
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TomTom Festival Top 10

We had a blast at the TomTom Pop up parks at Lee Park this past Saturday.  Such a blast that we wanted to relive by making a top ten list of our most favorite moments 1. Watching our weekly Creative Cooking students (paired with their parents) volunteer and take some serious leadership and recruit younger kids to play our My Plate Mixup game (that
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New record: 204 friends in one week…

Since we moved into the Kitchen, we at PB &J are very frequently asked what we do here (always reminding me of the below Office Space scene).  Many people who didn’t know us before we moved a year and a half ago are kindly very curious about how we spend our days in this beautiful space as they haven’t known us since we started
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