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TomTom Festival Top 10


We had a blast at the TomTom Pop up parks at Lee Park this past Saturday.  Such a blast that we wanted to relive by making a top ten list of our most favorite moments

1. Watching our weekly Creative Cooking students (paired with their parents) volunteer and take some serious leadership and recruit younger kids to play our My Plate Mixup game (that we made with the help of Blake Walker as well as Casey Kilmartin at Gropen out of recycled cans).

2. Having to recruit my Dad to help walk our awesome aforementioned project, “The MyPlate Mixup” to the festival in a Radio Flier wagon after it didn’t fit into my car by roughly an inch.



3. Running into one of the VERY first cooking students I met almost 7 years ago.  Learning he is headed to college next year to play basketball.  When I asked him what he was up to this summer, he said “hopefully babysitting” offering his services up.  Yes please sir!



4. Being visited by our friend Chase over at Boys and Girls Club (our partner in our summer KSA program…KID supported Agriculture) and we were able to congratulate him in person for winning a huge Program of the YEAR award from Boys and Girls Club in Richmond for the Mindfulness class he teaches at Cherry Avenue.  Hearing him recount how he was lured to Richmond for a “computer training” then surprised with an award…was definitely a highlight of the day.



5. Using our sweet new temporary tattoos.  Kids and adults alike loved them.



6. Being approached by a gentleman who actually works in marketing the MyPlate for the Department of Agriculture who was in town visiting from DC for the day…his eye was caught by our sweet game of course.


7. Seeing kid after kid love making then devouring the Farmers Market Salsa after many parents gave us the disclaimer “I don’t know if he/ she will eat this”.  Then asking for the recipe.



8. Having a lady recruit one of our 6th graders to give a presentation on healthy eating to a group of veterans she works with after his awesome display of knowledge.



9. Although it was too busy to leave our station for too long, being able to be counted among the other great non profit groups at Habitat for Humanity, Lighthouse, Live Arts, and Computers for Kids, was quite inspiring.



10. Coming to the realization that PB &J has the MOST AMAZING volunteers, parents and students of all time.  Listening to them be honest and energetic ambassadors about the work we do together, with zero help from a staff member…was truly mind blowing and humbling.


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