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A visit to Willow Tree Apps, job interview theatrics and an unlikely favorite recipe

KSA 7.9.15-24


After being back in the office officially for just a little over a week after having my second daughter—it’s certain to say I don’t necessarily have the time to write on our blog today.  But sometimes, you have to stop and reflect and document a day.  Because it was that good.

Yesterday was the best day of our KSA (Kids Supporting Agriculture) program we have ever had.  And not because of us—because of the kids and the staggeringly generous business community we have in Charlottesville.   Each summer the business professionals that neighbor our space jump on board (so willingly that it requires embarrassingly little effort to get the program sold out) to support the Cherry Avenue Boys and Girls Club kids’ efforts to go to the National Boys and Girls Club Keystone Leadership conference by buying a five week share of delicious local produce from The Local Food Hub’s amazing partner farms.  It in turn gives the high-schoolers a chance to peek into law, finance, non profit and tech companies for a moment while they consider their own futures.

Willow Tree Apps, a crazy cool company we have a block away from the Kitchen has been one of our best KSA customers since the start of the program.  This year we deliver six shares a week to their company (a company- by the way- that last year Fortune named a “best place to work” for millennials, in tech and new grads).  The first week we stopped by, the kids’ faces lit up with curiosity and confusion that such a cool company was sitting on the Downtown Mall.  One email and two weeks later they received a personalized tour, a talk with their college recruiter and a lesson on how an app is “built” from start to finish from three highly engaged, kind and fun team members at Willow Tree.

Before we left for the tour, the kids as usual made their weekly sample of “how to prepare the produce in your bag in a fresh interesting new way” by making a watermelon, cherry tomato (thank you Local Food Hub!) and feta salad.  These recipes are sometimes geared toward the more adult audience of the customer but the kids initially tentatively but unanimously in the end devoured bowls as the show started…

What show you ask?

The show this awesome summer PB &J team put on to try to make our boring list of “tips for a job interview” that we wanted the teens to practice when they visited Willow Tree come to life.  At the expense of ourselves we wrote and acted out skits of what NOT to do while the kids laughed at us willingly pointing out just how ridiculous these offenses were.

After sharing my own story of almost not getting hired after my first interview due to not asking a single question or taking a single note the teens dove into Willow Tree’s website and became educated on the doors they were about to enter.

Saying they astounded us with their engaging, thoughtful and bright questions that quite frankly didn’t equate with their young age is an understatement.  We were blown away by their willingness to learn and soak in this opportunity so graciously afforded us by such an innovative company.

Could not be more grateful to Willow Tree for this opportunity.  Or the teens for sharing their Thursdays with us.


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