Healthy Snacking Ideas!

Some tips from our Registered Dietitian on getting a healthy snack together!

  • Snacks should be around 100-200 calories. If they are too large you risk spoiling the next meal. 
  • Aim to serve food from at least 2 food groups at each meal (grains, dairy, protein, fruits, vegetables). 
  • It is best to include a protein containing food in every meal and snack. 
  • Snacks are a great way to get an extra serving of fruits or vegetables in! 
  • For quick snack ideas, choose a food item from 2 of the columns below. 

GrainsProteinsFruits & Vegetables
Whole grain crackersWhole wheat tortillaPretzel sticksGraham crackersWhole grain mini bagelWhole wheat English muffin Whole grain mini muffin
Low-fat cheese Peanut butter (or other nut butter)Low-fat yogurtSliced deli meatLow-fat plain milkHardboiled eggAny fresh fruit*Any fresh vegetable*Canned fruit packed in 100% juice or waterUnsweetened apple sauceDried fruit (raisins) 

*For young eaters, fresh fruits and vegetables need to be ripe/soft and cut into small pieces (less than ½ inch thick). Thick skin should be pealed (ex: apples) before eating. Crunchy veggies should be steamed first to avoid choking. Round foods, like grapes, should be cut in half.

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