Move your body as a family!

Physical activity is important for everyone of all ages. If you make a habit of exercising every day at a young age, you are more likely to continue that habit throughout your life. Just like adults, it is recommended for children to get 60 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. This can be done all at once, or broken into small sessions throughout the day. Physical activity helps build strong muscles and bones, maintain a healthy weight, and helps with coordination and concentration.  

As most parents know, children learn by example. If you lead an active lifestyle and find ways to be active in your daily life, your children will want to join in. There are so many fun activities for the family when the weather is nice! Your kids won’t even realize they are exercising! Always remember to stay hydrated, especially when the weather is hot and you spend long periods of time outside. So grab a bottle of water and try one of these activities today!  

  • Swimming  
  • Bike riding  
  • Outdoor walk or hike  
  • Roller skating 
  • Sports: soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, anything that gets you moving! 
  • Play a game of tag  
  • Go to a playground or splash park  
  • Work together in a garden or do yard work as a family  
  • Have a dance party 
  • Walk the dog  

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