The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Everyone has heard the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Now that school is back in session it is important that we send our kids off to class every morning with a belly full of nutritious foods! Studies show kids that eat breakfast regularly have higher attendance, overall higher test scores, improved concentration and more easily maintain a healthy weight. Make sure that your children have a healthy breakfast every day, whether that is at home or through the school breakfast program at their school.  

When planning for breakfast, try to always incorporate a lean protein and whole grains. This is a great opportunity to get in a serving of fruit as well! If your children don’t love the traditional breakfast foods, that’s okay. Try reheating leftovers from the night before.  

Here are a few of my favorites for busy school mornings:  

  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter, side of fresh fruit and glass of 1% milk  
  • Whole grain cereal (with no more than 10 grams of sugar, and 2-3 grams of fiber per serving), 1% milk, fresh fruit 
  • Instant oatmeal topped with cut up bananas and a glass of 1% milk 
  • Whole grain frozen waffle, fresh fruit, low fat yogurt 
  • Low fat yogurt, granola, fresh fruit  
  • Whole grain muffin, fresh fruit, glass of 1% milk 

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