A picture sure to make you smile…

  And a recipe from this week sure to do the same: Broccoli, Bacon, and Corn Soup

Free samples for the Club!

Vegetable Soup and Paninis…it must be fall.

Fall Creative Cooking classes are underway across town thanks to the talents of Chefs Courtenay and Alicia.  I had the pleasure of visiting three of their classes in the last week and cannot stop smiling over the great kids we are getting to work with this fall. All classes were working on knife skills and varying dices with lots of vegetables which were then
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PB &J Fund on Rachael Ray’s Yum-o Website!

Rachael Ray’s amazing Yum-o Website, that “empowers kids and families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking”, recently decided to highlight The PB &J Fund on their How Cool is That? page. Thanks so much to the Rachael Ray and Yum-o Team!!!!!!  We are very honored!!!!! Check it out here: http://www.yum-o.org/how_cool.php?id=120            

2012-07-31 19.32.23

Final Day of Summer Class…a couple of numbers.

After 21 classes taught, 28 new recipes tried and most importantly 26 new and returning smiling friends…today is the last day of our Chef in Training Summer Classes at the Boys and Girls Club. There was undoubtedly an underlying feeling of gratitude in the kitchen this morning as Chef Alicia posed the simple question of “What do we say again when we open the
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Delicious Day at PB &J!

This week’s Chef in Training classes are busy highlighting cucumbers, and doing a great job at it.  This morning at the Boys and Girls Club  we made fresh Tzatziki (sometimes referred to as “Greek Ranch”…) with delicious cucumbers from the Local Food Hub. We had an awesome time creating our Tzatziki sauce, smelling new spices, sauteing our vegetables, grilling our chicken and assembling our new favorite sandwich
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Orzo Restaurant Week

Last night I had the pleasure of eating at Orzo for The Hook’s Restaurant Week.  It was amazing…and that is an understatement. I chose from their extensively tempting menu: the Caprese salad, chicken confit over a corn and zucchini salad and the warm chocolate chip and toasted walnut cookie with gelato. The Caprese salad was served with what appeared to be a triangular slab of
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Top 5 list: why PB &J is having their BEST SUMMER yet…

We are off to a pretty great start this summer at PB &J.  Take a look at what has been happening and what fun is still yet to come. 1.  The Hook’s Restaurant Week. The generous folks at The Hook have chosen PB &J to be the beneficiary of the Restaurant Week proceeds, which we will be using towards our Holiday Giving program.  Have
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Perfect weekend meal idea from Chef Courtenay. Chili Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie!

Chili is one of my all-time favorites…as is shepherd’s pie. I love turkey and sweet potatoes. Why do I mention? Well, as I began thinking about a weekend family recipe, childhood memories started flooding back. What would mom make? How would we help? Mom always prepared fabulous mash potatoes and I remember being the permanent little taste tester. Many times for a weekend meal,
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Blueberry cake…and our first student made video!

After the dramatically-endearing sobbing ended (pretty adorable, went on for about 6 minutes) when we told the class that Chef Courtenay was out sick for yesterday’s class with our friends at The Boys and Girls Club, Alicia and I were able to soften the blow with the announcement that we would be baking a cake.  It didn’t fully get them over her absence, but it offered
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Welcome to our new website…

Dear Friends, 51: Cooking classes offered at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia. 5,000: shelf stable meals packed in over 300 bags for Charlottesville City Schools’ elementary school students on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program before their winter break. 2,262: healthy lunches provided to moms and their pre-school aged children living in Charlottesville housing communities through Children, Youth and Family Services
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