Some of our leftovers from a delicious Winter and Spring!

We’re in a programming break until next week and have been doing some Spring Cleaning! One thing we need to deal with during this time is lots of left-over food items. We buy our groceries based on best estimates for attendance. But classes get canceled for weather or other reasons from time to time. What do we do with the leftovers? Maybe you have a lot of extra food in your pantry? Or maybe you’re in a stretch where you need some help stocking your pantry?

Thankfully, we have a diverse and strong community network of food resources as well as community partners that take food donations.

We’ve compiled a list below. To find the most up to date list, please visit: If you are searching for additional resources, the United Way compiles an annual list of where to turn for support here:

Holy Comforter Catholic Church   
208 E. Jefferson Street, Charlottesville 434.293.8989 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am-12pm 
Loaves and Fishes   
2050 Lambs Road, Charlottesville 434.996.7868 Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm 
Wednesdays 2-4pm 
Saturdays 10am-12pm 
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church   
717 Rugby Road, Charlottesville 434.293.8179 1st Friday 8:30-11am 
Bethany Seventh Day Adventist   
401 Harris Street, Charlottesville 434.293.7430 2nd Sunday  1-2:30pm 
New Beginnings Christian Community   
1130 E. Market Street, Charlottesville 434.872.0800 Saturday  12-1pm 
Emergency Food Network    
900 Harris Street, Charlottesville 434.979.9180 Every weekday (Call first between 9-12) 1:30-3:30 pm (pick-up same day) 
The Haven   
112 W. Market Street, Charlottesville 434.973,1234 Everyday 8-9am 
Salvation Army   
207 Ridge Road, Charlottesville 434.295.4058 Everyday 7-8am, 12-12:30pm & 5:45-6:45pm 
Church of Our Savior   
1165 E. Rio Road, Charlottesville 434.973.6512 Monday and Wednesday 12:30-2pm 
Friday 10:30am-12pm 
First United Methodist Church  101 E. Jefferson Street Monday 12-2pm 
Christ Episcopal Church  103 W. Jefferson Street Tuesday 12-2pm 
First Presbyterian 500 Park Street Wednesday 12-2pm 
Holy Comforter Catholic Church 208 E. Jefferson Street Thursday 12-2pm 
First Baptist Church  735 Park Street Friday 12-2pm