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Market to Meal

The Market to Meal Program is meant to help parents make nutritious food simple, fun and easy at every step of the way– from the market to the meal.

It is a parent-supported school community dinner aimed at engaging parents and students in nutrition education paired with the necessary tools to prepare healthful, accessible meals at home. Designed to work with schools that receive the federal Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Grant (FFVP)**, the PB &J Fund currently works at Johnson and Clark Elementary Schools.  The event includes three components:

  • A cooking demonstration and nutritional education component by a trained chef/ nutritionist for families that ties in with the produce the students have been learning about through the FFVP grant,
  • A mobile “market” for kids and parents to collect recipes and ingredients to complete the chef-demonstrated recipe at home and take away other healthy snacks,
  • A school community dinner with main dishes catered by the aforementioned chef.

 **The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is a federal grant for public schools that have over 50% free or reduced lunch are eligible to apply for; the purpose of the grant is to introduce fresh produce to young children.  

Are you ready to start cooking?