Do you really have to go?!

To say that we will miss Carlin Barber is a ridiculous understatement.  She began volunteering with the PB&J Fund in 2014 through Madison House, the student volunteer center at the University of Virginia.  In my role coordinating volunteers, I was fortunate to inherit a volunteer like Carlin when I joined PB&J in 2016. After graduation, Carlin joined us as an intern.  Later, we were thrilled to have her return to the team after an international adventure teaching in the Dominican Republic.

Do you really have to go?

Carlin will be starting graduate school at Vanderbilt University this fall.  As a former high school teacher, and now as a supervisor of volunteers, I have been asked to write a fair number of letters of recommendation over the years. Writing one for someone like Carlin is a piece of cake.  I can recall writing “I’d clone her if I could. She’s that volunteer.”

Do you really have to go?

Most recently, I was contacted by phone about a job Carlin applied for in Nashville.  It was easy to speak to specific skills and qualities. She’s smart and professional, funny and kind, a real dream colleague, and we will miss her so much this fall.  At the end, the employer asked if I had anything else to add. I said, “I think it’s pretty clear that you’d be a fool not to hire her” and laughed. The interviewer chuckled and said, “That’s what I was thinking.  All my calls are not this easy.”

We will be sad to see Carlin go at the end of the summer, but we are proud of her for following her heart into teaching.  Having watched her with our students over the years, we like to think that PB&J played a small part. ?  Please join us in expressing our utmost gratitude and best wishes to Carlin Barber as she starts her next adventure!