We over here at PB&J are also gearing up for our Holiday Giving program

As the world prepares for the Thanksgiving Holiday, we over here at PB&J are also gearing up for our Holiday Giving program. Holiday Giving is our annual program that gives bags of shelf-stable food to families to help with food while kids are out of school and not able to receive free and reduced prices breakfasts & lunches.

Holiday Giving

The program is a lot of work, but a labor of love for everyone involved. We begin on Friday evening by receiving thousands of food items, then unpacking and counting, then arranging them to be packed into the bags. Saturday morning our amazing volunteers form an assembly line, pack hundreds of bags, arrange them on trucks, and deliver them to our community partner.

This year is our 10th Holiday Giving program, and we’re celebrating by delivering a total of 919 bags this year! Almost 140 bags more than last year!


This year we want to thank Kroger for their generous support of the program this year. We want to thank The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, for the first time in the program’s history we were able to do almost all of our food ordering through the Food Bank! We are also grateful to 4P Foods for providing the local produce for the bags AND donating a truck and driver for deliveries.

Holiday Giving

We have been fortunate this year as to have ALL the trucks we’re using for deliveries donated. For that we want to thank Harvest Moon Catering, Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry, Freestyle, Nest Realty, Student Services Moving, Grit Coffee, Martin Horn/Dovetail Design, and last but certainly not least Three Notch’d Brewing Company.