The PB&J Fund is a great place to work and a fun place to volunteer!  Although we do have some classes for adults and teens, the majority of our participants are elementary students.  Kids are funny. That’s a fact. No two days are ever the same, and we love that! Some students walk through our doors so pumped up that we have to scrape them off the ceiling with one of our spatulas to get their energy back down to an inside level.  We LOVE that kids are excited about working in PB&J kitchens! Another day, one of those same students may walk through our door feeling down and in need of some kind words. Our volunteers work with the same class each week, so they can quickly recognize when a student needs a little extra encouragement.  Our volunteers often share their joy that a child at their work table started with a frown but ended with a smile. Everyone walks away from that experience feeling good.

Don’t tell the kids, but in addition to the culinary skills and nutritional knowledge built into all of our classes, we are also secretly reinforcing academic skills like reading, math, and science.  Teachers know that is a hands-on, enrichment learning experience. PB&J volunteers help our students work through the recipe together, so that means taking turns and sharing jobs. We are there to help them navigate what it means to work as a team.  Some folks call those “soft skills,” but not us. Social/emotional skills are LIFE SKILLS just like learning to cook and making healthy food choices. If getting to play this role in a child’s life once a week sounds like your jam, please know that culinary skills are not required.  We train all of our volunteers on “the PB&J way” (aka the SAFE way) of doing things. Email us at to get started! The kitchen is calling!!