We <3 Bellair Farm!

This week’s cukes and carrots from Bellair!

Summer is our favorite produce season at the PB&J Fund. We love to see the bright colors of fresh fruits and vegetables. We always try to buy local produce for our summer classes and highlight one new vegetable or fruit each week. This year we purchased some produce from Bellair Farm which runs a CSA in Charlottesville. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. While some families may choose to buy a “share” of 22 weeks of vegetables, you’ll also find Bellair at both the Meade Market and Charlottesville City Market where any one can buy vegetables!

Bellair Farm

This summer we will buy kale, summer squash, zucchini, basil, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and bell peppers from Bellair. During our first week of programs we were able to take our Boys and Girls Club classes out to the farm so they could see where our food is grown. The students learned about the types of vegetables grown at Bellair and a bit about organic farming. We walked through some of the fields to see peppers and tomatoes that will soon be ripe. They even had a chance to try fresh green beans from the field. The best part of the field trips was a chance to hold and pet two week old bunnies! Thank you to Miss Chelsea, Miss Emily, and Miss Meg for the great tours!

Bellair Farm

Even if your family does not buy food from a CSA, like Bellair, there are lots of ways to buy locally grown vegetables in Charlottesville. Most grocery stores place signs on items that are locally grown or made. Our friends at the Local Food Hub are also trying to make locally grown produce more available to all families through programs like Fresh Farmacy or their partnership with the Emergency Food Network. We hope you love summer fruits and vegetables just as much as we do!